Peace through practical, proved civil defence for credible war deterrence
  • Please see also post linked here, and our summary of the key points in Herman Kahn's much-abused call for credible deterrence, On Thermonuclear War, linked here.

  • Hiroshima's air raid shelters were unoccupied because Japanese Army officers were having breakfast when B29s were detected far away, says Yoshie Oka, the operator of the Hiroshima air raid sirens on 6 August 1945...

  • In 1,881 burns cases in Hiroshima, only 17 (or 0.9 percent) were due to ignited clothing and 15 (or 0.7%) were due to the firestorm flames...

  • Dr Harold L. Brode’s new book, Nuclear Weapons in ...

  • 800 war migrants drowned on 22 April by EU policy:...

  • Photographed fireball shielding by cloud cover in ...

  • Nuclear weapons effects "firestorm" and "nuclear w...

  • Proved 97.5% survival in completely demolished houses ...

    "There has never been a war yet which, if the facts had been put calmly before the ordinary folk, could not have been prevented." - British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, House of Commons Debate on Foreign Affairs, Hansard, 23 November 1945, column 786 (unfortunately secret Cabinet committees called "democracy" for propaganda purposes have not been quite so successful in preventing war). Protection is needed against collateral civilian damage and contamination in conventional, chemical and nuclear attack, with credible low yield clean nuclear deterrence against conventional warfare which, in reality (not science fiction) costs far more lives. Anti scientific media, who promulgate and exploit terrorism for profit, censor (1) vital, effective civil defense knowledge and (2) effective, safe, low yield air burst clean weapons like the Mk54 and W79 which deter conventional warfare and escalation, allowing arms negotiations from a position of strength. This helped end the Cold War in the 1980s. Opposing civil defense and nuclear weapons that really deter conventional war, is complacent and dangerous.

    War and coercion dangers have not stemmed from those who openly attack mainstream mistakes, but from those who camouflage themselves as freedom fighters to ban such free criticism itself, by making the key facts seem taboo, without even a proper debate, let alone financing research into unfashionable alternatives. Research and education in non-mainstream alternatives is needed before an unprejudiced debate, to establish all the basic facts for a real debate. “Wisdom itself cannot flourish, nor even truth be determined, without the give and take of debate and criticism.” – Robert Oppenheimer (quotation from the H-bomb TV debate hosted by Eleanor Roosevelt, 12 February 1950).

    “Apologies for freedom? I can’t handle this! ... Deal from strength or get crushed every time ... Freedom demands liberty everywhere. I’m thinking, you see, it’s not so easy. But we have to stand up tall and answer freedom’s call!” – Freedom Kids

  • Friday, February 17, 2017

    Truth is the freedom to interpret all of the facts without coercion from bigoted fashion exploiting media and hate based peer pressure

    "Few of the Trump administration’s priorities have received as much criticism from the American foreign policy establishment as the president’s desire to improve relations with Russia. President Trump’s allegedly pro-Russian policies have been the subject of conspiracy theories and scandal. This makes little sense. There are many good reasons for the United States to reach conciliation with Moscow on issues from Eastern Europe to the Middle East. The real question will be if Washington can control its own desire for global hegemony enough to make that possible." - ANATOL LIEVEN, NTY.

    In the previous post, we gave praise for the one positive aspect of the bigoted mass media's ranting propaganda against democracy: the exposure of the truth about the rise of anti-democratic hatred in the non-liberal dictatorial media.  Their objective is Reichstag Fire scare mongering: to suspend democracy on the basis of a fake news event.  It is so easy for corrupt journalists to try.  They simply report that a Jew-supporting billionaire tried to give secrets to Russia, and this trick gives them the excuse to hate and try to destroy the Jews, capitalism, and progress, just as Nazi radio and newspapers reported that a Jewish conspiracy burned down the Reichstag.  This gives them the excuse to ban democracy and freedom of speech, and to launch hate attacks on anyone engaging in free speech:

    "It is one of the key characteristics of those who consider themselves progressive to reserve condemnation for America, 'the West', or Israel, and ignore the actual evil-doers.  I well remember when I was Archbishop of Canterbury being 'commanded' by the Royal Household to sup with leaders such as Mugabe ...  American voters have recognised that it will require a man who will behave like a bull in a China shop to turn America's fortunes around. ... The rage in relation to Trump's victory is astonishing.  My American friend describes it as 'yowling'.  They realise their control of thought and policy is under threat. ... Trump has recognised that Christians are persecuted in the Middle East and elsewhere, and intends to prioritise asylum for religious minorities.  This is a very welcome step.  Up until now, American and in fact British immigration policy has discriminated against Christians.  In spite of the fact that ... Christians, Yazidis, and Shia Muslims were facing genocide in Syria, refugees from that country were 99% Sunni Muslims.  10% of Syria's pre-war population was Christian.  In halting this genocide, and in other areas, Trump could actually make a difference." - former leader of the Church of England, Lord Carey.

    Tactical nuclear weapons to deter the invasions that lead to thousands or even millions of deaths in wars have been in a similar situation to Trump since 1945: subjected to fascist emotional propaganda, dishonesty, and ranting hatred, thinly disguised as moralistic outrage, liberalism, etc.

    Truth is the freedom to interpret all of the facts without coercion from bigoted fashion exploiting media and hate based peer pressure.  The mass media is a corrupt capitalist cartel, which prevents the gradual transition from one viewpoint to another.  It seeks to interpret all the facts according to the reigning fashionable agenda of the mainstream dogma of the time, and to censor out everything else that does not fit into that scheme.

    The "fake news" of one-sided reporting dishonesty, unsubstantiated allegations and lies against Trump from the BBC is currently being obfuscated by straw-man charges that Trump or some of his supporters claimed that (a) Mrs Clinton was involved with a criminal (she wasn't, in the sense they meant), and (b) the Pope was pro-Trump (the Pope is not pro-democracy but is pro-pseudo liberal, which is why he defends the destruction of Christianity as explained in the quotation above from Lord Carey).  The BBC claims that that blogs like this one should be shut down and that all criticisms of it must be deleted, because in its view, it is the font of all genuine news and beyond criticism.  It automatically compares Trump to Hitler, when it should take a look in the mirror to see hatred.  BBC Worldwide censoring FAIR criticisms of Paul Nurse BBC Worldwide propaganda films, using false interpretation of copyright laws by ignoring the "fair use" clauses, which do enable brief clips of lying to be published for the purposes of journalistic criticism:

    BBC Worldwide dictatorship of lies, censoring FAIR criticisms of Paul Nurse BBC propaganda films, abusing copyright laws which do allow for brief clips for the purposes of objective, journalistic criticism of propaganda type mainstream fashion-based censorship of vital facts.  Proves we are living under BBC dictators, paid for by ourselves in the compulsory BBC licence fees, which churn out propaganda films at our expense which we are then banned from criticising.

    Yet another example of BBC Worldwidecensoring FAIR criticisms of Paul Nurse BBC propaganda films, by abusing copyright law by ignoring the fair use clauses which should not prevent quotations of dishonest statements being debunked in public!

    Again, this is clear proof of the corrupt, money-driven, anti-democratic, anti-freedom, propaganda-driven dishonesty of the Western media which we have seen since 1945 with nuclear weapons fake news.  Anyone who criticises Marxism is simply lied about: "if you're not a Marxist, you're a fascist."  This shuts down debates which Marxists chair, which are the only ones they engage in (this is why Lenin set up the International, to infiltrate the Western media with Marxist dogma).  Human irrationality being as it is, Marxism or at least its lower "socialist" rungs below outright communist dictatorship (the first steps are socialism to kill the economy of the nation and set off globalist invasions to spread the disease in the name of acquiring territory) has naturally taken the place of the medieval corrupted Catholic Church.

    Like dissidents in the USSR who try to oppose the regime, all criticism is considered crazy/dangerous because the central defence for bigoted, irrational, one-sided journalistic fashion is that "there are no alternatives, so you must believe it!"

    Machiavelli well summarises the difficulty for innovators striving to topple an established, entrenched, corrupt dogma (Prince, chapter 3):

    "It ought to be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. Because the innovator has for enemies all those who have done well under the old conditions, and lukewarm defenders in those who may do well under the new. This coolness arises partly from fear of the opponents, who have the laws on their side, and partly from the incredulity of men, who do not readily believe in new things until they have had a long experience of them."

    No wonder that Machiavelli is so hated by the fashion-seeking, groupthink-card-carrying establishment, for writing such truths. The same happened to Orwell, whose "1984" was only first published in the USSR in 1989 just before it disintegrated.


    At 10:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I have been following your blog for five years. I don't think you should engage in politics, just keep to nuclear physics.

    At 11:11 am, Blogger nige said...

    This blog is about changing the political landscape into one which tolerates fact based criticism of political ideology on civil defense (for Americans) or civil defence (for Britain). It includes nuclear science, history, and general physics, but is not purely about that.

    When I began, I believed that by putting out the facts that don't fit into the false dogma of fashion on nuclear politics, I would encourage the readership to come to new interpretations.

    Instead, as the quotation near the end of this blog post argues, there is a lot more resilence. I've lived with battles against "imperfect yet arrogant professionals" all my life, since having a speech defect caused by distorted hearing at an early age, and failing to get anybody to properly diagnose it for years! If you are quiet and polite and rational, you are "boring" and ignored; if you speak up more loudly and assertively, you are mimicked and hated merely for contributing critically to the debate. Only by praising and thanking arrogant professionals, do you get a smile. Every battle I've ever won, I've bitterly regretted because of the cost of winning to my health, my career, and my self-esteem. Even with close family, any contribution to change status quo, even by the merest trifle, has involved putting up with abuse, screaming irrational Nazi-style tantrums (of the kind Reagan and now Trump are receiving from "liberals"), and the gains have never been worth the fight's costs. We are fighting an enemy with a Vietcong mindset and Phil Shiner's "human rights lawyer"'s Swiss bank balance (Phil Shiner was a "human rights lawyer" awarded huge amounts of money from British taxpayers to prosecute British soldiers using fake evidence).

    We can't win in any happy sense, because the evil doers will never stop dictating the "news agenda" on TV, in the press, magazines, "science" journals, etc. But we can try to put out the facts and debunk the hypocrisy, exposing mainstream "liberals" as dishonest!


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